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Resources for Agency Clients

Identifying and Treating Heat-related Illnesses

With summer programs in full swing and the hottest days of the summer still ahead, agencies must remain vigilant in protecting staff and clients from heat-related injury and illness. This tip reviews how to recognize and treat common heat-related illnesses, as well as providing prevention tips. Read More

Download and post the Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated, Stay Informed flyer.

Proper Incident Reporting Protects Your Organization

An incident is any event that has the potential to result in personal injury or property damage. When a personal injury or property damage claim is made against your organization, the results can be costly. Read More

Download the FOJP Incident Report Form

Eliminating Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

Slips, trips, and falls are a common cause of injuries to visitors and clients, as well as a leading cause of lost-workday injuries to employees. Read More


Webinars and Videos

***NEW*** Incident Report Training Video:  Click here to view FOJP's new Incident Report Training Video. 

D&O and EPLI Coverage: Click here to view the webinar about D&O and EPLI Coverage.

Property Program Renewal March 1, 2015 : Click here to view the webinar about the March 1 2015 Property Program Renewal. 


On-Site Safety Assessments

Hospital, long-term care and agency clients may request an on-site facility or operational safety assessment by contacting FOJP’s Safety and Security Specialist, Derrick Hodge, or FOJP's Agency Safety and Training Advisor, Karen McNamara.